Randles Lab at BMES

October 15, 2019

We were well represented at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting (BMES 2019). We had 4 talks and 9 posters. The details are below.


Brad Feiger presented "Prediction of Hemodynamic Risk Factors in Coarctation of the Aorta with CFD and Machine Learning". Madhurima Vardhan presented "Investigating the Role of VR in a Simulation-based Medical Planning System for Coronary Interventions". Collaborators presented both "Soft, Compliant Intravascular Hydrogel Architectures Support Unidirectional Flow and Fluid Mixing" and "3D-Printed Vascular Networks in Biocompatible Hydrogels Support Functional Hepatic Tissue".


Adebayo Adebiyi presented "Investigating Late Stage Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment with CFD Simulation". Peter Balogh presented "Computational Modeling Of Cancer Cells Undergoing Large Deformation". Arpita Das presented her work with Madhurima Vardhan, "3D Modeling of Pre and Post-Treatment of Serial Stenosis in Coronary Arteries". Daniel Puleri presented "Reduced Low Frequency Receptor Patterns in Three-dimensional Simulations of Adhesion". Simba Chidyagwai presented "Quantifying Hemodynamics in Patients at Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death Using a Parallel Fluid Model". Sayan Roychowdhury presented "Exploring the Effect of Red Blood Cell Aggregation on Tumor Cell Transit in Microvessels." Mahsa Dabagh presented "Role of Deformable Cancer Cells on Wall Shear Stress-Associated VEGF Secretion by the Endothelium in Microvasculature". Shikha Sharma presented "Computational Methods to Understand the Influence of Fluid Forces on Microvasculature Remodeling and Angiogenesis". John Gounley contributed to "Identification of Non-toxic Photoabsorbers for Hydrogel Stereolithography: Characterization of Gelation Kinetics and Applications in Tissue Engineering".